Scooter Wheel Bearings & Spacers.
Fidget spinners and Fidget Cubes
Action Sports Portable Obstacles are obstacles that can be transported, linked, placed, or moved with only one or two people. No fork lift required. In the world of action sports there is always an obstacle needed and Freshpark is the only company in the world that can do what it does!
Scooter Pegs


XS - 20.1" - 20.5" 51-52cm
S - 20.9" - 21.3" 53-54cm
M - 21.7" - 22.0" 55-56cm
L - 22.4" - 22.8" 57-58cm
XL - 23.2" - 23.6" 59-60cm

Bucky took the original 1970s Full-Cut helmet and trimmed the ear covers off to create a helmet with his own style and flair. Only available with the 2-stage soft foam liners that everyone loves for the comfort and lightweight feel, you’re sure to find the right fit with four sizes available.