Ethic DTC Iconoclast Evo 2- Polished- 22.8”

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This is a much better choice than the pandemonium as it has been specially designed for those with intend to grind and slide.

The Iconoclast Deck from Ethic is a huge advancement in the way scooter parts are sized. With a strong focus on supplying the strongest possible setup while still keeping the weight low, Ethic has come up with the Iconoclast.

Though this deck is built for 12mm axles, you still have the opportunity to run it with regular 120 or 125mm wheels with a width of 24mm. Made possible by a set of deck spacers that come with it.

It is a deck that is built to run with Ethics “12 New Standard” products. This means 12mm axles, 30mm wide wheels and 6001-bearings. The deck is similar in function to the Pandemonium deck from Ethic but lightened and improved. The rugged load-spreading girder design on the downtube provides exceptional strength and durability along with a lightweight appearance. The headtube is widely open so any fork graphics will shine through.