Envy SCS Forged

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The all new Envy 3 bolt SCS is a game changer when it comes to Envy products. Featuring an all new clamp design that we've only ever seen on the 2018 Envy 2 Bolt Forged clamp. Its definitly screams Envy, with the large logo in the front that wraps around the 6mm clamp bolts. Yes it has 6mm clamp bolts which is a huge plus. Rounding out your clamp bolts is not something thats fun, so with the larger size it makes it more difficult. The clamp does come with a included shim so you can ride both Oversized and Standard bars. It also comes in 3 common colors like Black, Chrome and Oil Slick to make sure it'll match something on your scooter. This is a SCS clamp so you can only ride it with SCS, and make sure your bars do not have a slit if you intend to ride this clamp. 

Compatable with Oversized and Standard Size bars with a shim.