Ethic Dryade Bar

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The Ethic Dryade Bar is crafted from 6061 T6 heat treated aluminum, making them light weight but strong. Using the TIG welding process and cnc bending Ethic has been able to create the Dryade bar. A unique look with strength and style incorperated directly into the design. This bar features forged gussets and has a butted top tube. Butting is the process of creating variable thickness in a tube. This means that material is kept where it is needed and removed were it is not, such as the outside 2" of the bar so barends can be installed easily. This make for a strong but lightweight bar. After the bar is contructed it goes through a heat treating process to harden and strengthen the bars. These bars also feature an installed starnut to be used with the ICS10 compression system. 

  • up to 26" tall and 22" wide
  • Installed Starnut for use with ICS10 Compression
  • Oversized 1 3/8" outside diameter and standard sized 1 1/8 inside diameter.
  • 6061 T6 aluminum heat treated
  • Butted top tubes(variable thickness tubing keep material where it is needed)
  • Forged gussets
  • Fluted steer tube to eliminate excess weight
  • Backsweep : 3 degrees
  • weight : 1.6 lbs