Lucky Tanner Fox Signature Deck

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The long awaited Tanner Fox deck is here. After countless rumors and pictures floating around the scooter industry the deck is finally available to the world. The paint job on this deck that helps make it one of a kind, what he's calling "Guac Green" is a never before seen color for a scooter deck. Originating from Tanner's car wrap color in real life that was one of a kind he instantly knew when it came to his deck what he was going to do. Tanners preferred dimensions on a deck are 19.5" long and 4.5" wide and thats exactly what you get with this guy. It also weighs 2.9lbs which is actually extremely light for a scooter deck. Even the bottom of the deck features a graphic of Tanner's GTR burning out with him sitting on the trunk and the side features a graphic of Tanner's signature on top of a YouTube logo to acknowledge his major success reaching over 5 million subscribers and growing. If you're part of the Fox Fam or even just a fan in general and you've been looking for a new deck than this is deck for you!