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YoYoFactory is on a roll with their new Dream Series yo-yos! Each one maximizing the attributes of the material used to construct it; Titanium, Aluminum, Plastic, and now the all new bi-metal! The Nightmare!

Rim weight = Power. That's the basic theory behind all bi-metal yo-yo designs, but you can't just slap some steel rings on the sides of a yo-yo and come up with a winner. It takes experience and a lot of refining to get it right, and YoYoFactory got it right!

The YoyoFactory Nightmare is one of the first bi-metal designs with a overhanging steel rim, they didn't just slap a steel ring on the yo-yo, they wrapped it over the edge and down to create maximum spin stability and capture more rotational energy. This steel rim placement gives the Nightmare a really beautiful weight distribution and an amazingly fast and stable feel in play. It allows this light weight yo-yo to perform with the power of a much heavier yo-yo and creates the ability for the player to move faster through trick segments!

Take your performance to the next level with the new bi-metal Nightmare!