TILT 110mm full core Wheels- red

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Product Description
Get a complete set of wheels for your scooter that will keep you rolling smooth and steady through both parks and street spots
You are in for a treat, when you chose the Stage II full core wheels from Tilt, due to the low wearing design and their team rider perfected rubber-formula
Well rounded and perfected through testing
The core is protected through the use of Tilts Bond Guard, which allows for some added rubber to flow over the core, thus protecting it from scratches and dents
The Stage II formula is perfected in the lab to provide a fine balance between rebound, durability, and grip
You get a wheel that has the full approval of the Tilt team riders, who have all been testing them
Bearings and spacers: Included
Wheel hardness: 88A
Core design: Solid
Wheel diameter: 110mm
Weight: 230g
Wheels per pack: 2
Core material: Aluminum
Wheel profile: Round
Bearing precision: Not specified
Bearing size: 608
Axle diameter: 8mm
Wheel hub width: 24mm