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Pro scooter bars have come a long way in the past several years. Root AIR RP Titanium bars are a perfect example of just how far they have come. The AIR RP bars weigh in at just 2 pounds and, unlike most Ti bars on the market, are available in stealth black. Built with moderate dimensions, the AIR RP Ti bars fit a wide variety of riders.

AIR RP Ti bars are 24" tall by 23" wide. Pro scooter bars that are 24-25.99" Tall are going to be perfect for the intermediate to pro riders who have a couple years of scooter riding under their belt. As a general rule, scooter bars should sit around waist height when standing on the deck. Air RP Titanium bars are 22-23.99" Wide. Although bar height and width are highly influenced by personal preference, as a general rule, bar width should be similar to the rider's shoulder width.

Air RP Titanium bars are a Y-Bar that Root Industries designed for Park riding. Your riding style determines the bar material that you should purchase: aluminum, steel, or titanium. Titanium scooter bars offer the best of both aluminum and steel bars but are extremely expensive and usually reserved for pro riders who need both light weight and durability to compete. Scooter compression plays a very important role in deciding which pro scooter bar to buy. The AIR RP HIC Titanium bars come standard with a slit and are compatible with the following types of compression: HIC,TCS, SCS - with purchase of SCS adapter